They’re one of the most cost-effective ways of targeting large audiences on busy high streets and roads. Banners offer high viewing frequency to your audience, and as lampposts are located on almost every street and road, they offer the most diverse range of locations of any other outdoor media. Raised banners are suitable for all campaign durations – if you want to run a short burst campaign or have a longer-term objective in mind, your advertisements will rise above other media types and simply won’t be missed.

Banners are relevant for all businesses, from local businesses reliant on local trade through to big name brands and national businesses running major campaigns. They’ve both got completely different objectives but both can be fulfilled with a targeted lamppost banner campaign.

FEATURES & BENEFITS – Effective for: -

  • 24/7 exposure, illuminated by street lighting
  • Diverse range of locations
  • Directional advertising
  • Event or product promotion
  • Public sector
  • Geo-targeted highly-visual media
  • Those who wish to have different designs and messages on each banner

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