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Spring is considered to be the best time of year to sell a house. Gardens are in bloom; people aren’t yet away on their summer holidays and the weather is (hopefully) on our side.

That is why now is the time to stand out against rival agents and be in direct view of your potential customers. 

So, why should you include some strategic outdoor advertising in your marketing mix?

  1. Location, Location, Location

Estate agencies are geographically targeted businesses who need a highly efficient way to reach potential buyers in a specific area.

Statistics show that 70% of home buyers already live within a 20-mile radius of their new home.  Outdoor advertising allows easy access to these audiences every day, helping you to connect with would be home buyers, before anybody else does. Timing is everything when it comes to advertising property, so capturing buyers in the right place at the right time ensures the best chance of success.

        2. Affordability

Those who are new to Out of Home might have the misconception that it will cost more than they can afford. 

Local, targeted roundabout advertising might be the most appropriate platform for a local independent agent, but billboards or DOOH (Digital Out of Home) may be a more relevant choice for regional agencies or larger property developers who want to promote their new developments.

There are so many different formats to choose from that there is something for almost every budget.

        3. Complements your current marketing strategy

Research has shown that outdoor advertising is the most effective way to drive customers online.  Use it to effectively communicate your message and capture attention without bombarding people with information – reserve those details for your online campaign.

You can generate interest and direct people straight to your website with creative advertising, helping to boost the impact of your multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

        4. Builds brand trust and reputation

Advertising in your local area will give you the edge over your rivals by reinforcing your presence and visibility in the area. The repeated exposure you get from outdoor advertising helps to build your reputation as the local agent with the knowledge and expertise that people can trust. When you consider that choosing a new home is one of the most important buying decisions that people make in a lifetime, you want to make sure that you are the one they think of first to help them

        5. It works!

OOH advertising for the property sector is a perfect fit.  Estate agents, letting agents and property developers can all meet their objectives and ramp up business when they display the right message in the right location. Whether that is a requirement to advertise new properties, raise awareness of property services or promote any upcoming housing developments.

Property Management company X1 Lettings lined a number of busy streets in Manchester with X1 branded lamppost banners as part of their larger marketing campaign to promote existing and future developments. Head of Marketing, Jaimie Crowther commented:

“We extended our roadside banners in 2019 ahead of one of our new buildings opening.  It was great for brand awareness. We would highly recommend this type of advertising.”

          What to do next

If you’d like to include some effective local advertising as part of your spring campaign, get in touch on 01422 322255 or view our locations page. 

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