Birmingham businesses are being invited to become an integral part of the city’s landscape through an exciting sponsorship initiative provided by Birmingham City Council.

The outdoor media portfolio consists of a limited number of Birmingham’s most high-profile boundary signage and roundabout sites, which will promote the new sponsors to thousands of people every week. On average, a 12-month advertising campaign would achieve 6.3 million views over the course of the year.

As most businesses are having to quickly adapt and evolve as we adjust to the new normal, this scheme will help to ensure a feeling of consistency and positivity during these unprecedented times.

A Big City Which Offers Big Potential for Advertisers

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city, and is considered to be the financial, social, cultural and commercial centre of both the East and West Midlands.

Advertising in Birmingham using a local outdoor media platform allows businesses to have peace of mind that their name will be a constant and reassuring sight to thousands of people during these times of uncertainty. The scheme will also provide a much-needed boost to the city’s business community - the lifeblood of the local economy - and the funds raised from sponsorship is directly reinvested back into the community.

The Most Cost-Effective Advertising in Birmingham

Now more than ever, businesses are looking for advertising choices which will ensure the greatest return on investment. This trusted, council-endorsed media platform is the most cost-effective advertising available in Birmingham, and reaches larger average weekly audiences than both the local radio and newspaper readership combined. In fact, outdoor media is proven to deliver a higher ROI than any print, radio or online alternative.

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Fulfils Many Different Objectives

The sites can be used to directly promote individual businesses and their services, but they can also be utilised by commercial sponsors for community messaging purposes; or to provide reassurance to investors in Birmingham’s business community.

It is a flexible platform which can satisfy the objectives of all types and size of business, as the message can be updated as required throughout the lifetime of the campaign.

Get in Touch

The scheme is available to all locally based businesses, and interested parties can get in touch with us on 01422 322255 or email 

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