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We’ve recently received a glowing testimonial from a local business owner that sheds light on the immense impact that sponsoring the welcome sign near Shaw Cross, Dewsbury, has had on their success. During the first week of the sign’s installation, they experienced a staggering increase in customers.

Andrew Farrow, Partner at We Buy Gold, expressed his delight at the remarkable results.

“I just need to say that, pound for pound, this is the best advertising we’ve ever done. We normally get half a dozen customers per morning session (a lot for us).  I’d forgotten the sign had gone live as I don’t approach from that side. The first week it was up we had 24 customers and it’s confined like that every week since. Business is up about 300%.” 

What makes this testimonial particularly noteworthy is that the client initially didn’t realise the sign had gone live, admitting “I’d forgotten the sign had gone live as I don’t approach from that side.” This underscores the sign’s effectiveness in capturing attention and boosting customer numbers, even when the client had momentarily overlooked its presence. It just goes to prove the undeniable impact of welcome sign advertising. Placed in a prime location, the welcome sign attracts thousands of views daily. The client’s experience affirms that a well-placed eye-catching sign can be a catalyst for substantial business growth.

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