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This week CP Media revealed their brand-new chill out zone, No. 7 ‘The Attic’, inspired and styled by our creative design team.

The pandemic has altered how many people feel about the home v office working debate, with many of the bigger businesses looking at hybrid working weeks as the way forward. Richard Eccles, Chief Operating Officer, has commented: “There are lots of ideas and insights that have emerged from more people working at home, which can be replicated in the office environment. One example is the need to have an area for employees to properly decompress, which is accessible for all and helps support mental wellbeing.”

Companies are increasingly including breakout spaces as a way to improve the way we function and perform at work. CP know the importance of investing in the wellbeing of its staff, and have adapted the building accordingly to create a workplace which is a more relaxed and informal environment.

Being confined to a desk reduces social interactions, particularly across teams who are sat in different areas of the building.  Our new attic space offers a simple solution by encouraging better communication and collaboration, helping to build strong working relationships which are so important at maintaining happiness and creativity within the workplace.

The top floor of CP Media House is now a comfortable and stress-free zone for colleagues to spend down-time together, where they can enjoy non-work-related conversation, read, play games or simply kick back and unwind. It’s also a totally screen-free area to provide that essential break from work and improve both mental and physical wellbeing, and provides a space free of distractions where employees can benefit from a total escape from the busy workplace.

‘The Attic’ also acts as an incentive to move more during the working day, which is particularly important when statistics prove the detrimental effect that sitting in the same place all day can have.

The CP team toasted the new room with pizzas and drinks, and all look forward to making use of our new breakout area.  

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