We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Harlow Council and be able to offer local roundabout advertising opportunities to local businesses and organisations.

Harlow businesses and organisations can now sponsor a roundabout in Harlow as part of a new programme to restore pride in the town.

Planning permission has now been granted for advertising boards to be installed on 33 of Harlow’s roundabouts. This is all part of the council’s roundabout sponsorship and maintenance scheme, which is a partnership between the council and CP Media which offers opportunities for advertising on the town’s roundabouts.

The money raised through sponsorship will go towards the upkeep and maintenance of roundabouts and is all part of the council restoring pride in Harlow. Not only will their landscape maintenance be improved; the council will also receive a regular income stream from Community Partners and save the money they had previously paid to maintain the roundabouts.

The new roundabout maintenance arrangement, which includes grass cutting, strimming, weeding, litter picking and bush and tree trimming, started earlier this year and runs until October every year.

Councillor Nicky Purse, cabinet portfolio holder for environment, said:

“I’m pleased to see that permission has now been given for the advertising boards as part of the sponsorship scheme. There are plenty of opportunities for roundabout sponsorship throughout Harlow and the money raised from this will mean better looking, better maintained roundabouts across the town.

“With 33 of them in Harlow at present, there is a lot to be done and this all comes with a cost; the sponsorship deals will generate the money to keep them looking their best year-round, meaning we can use funds to support the other services we provide.

“This is all part of working hard to restore pride in our town by improving the way we maintain the environment.”


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