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The next academic year is only just around the corner, and anybody wanting to reach the sought-after student audience could be reaping rewards by targeting them with some astute outdoor advertising.

Competition for attracting students is fierce – from universities and colleges to student accommodation providers – and lamppost banners offer one of the most cost-effective ways to reach them.

How to Make Sure They Choose You

Students and younger audiences are increasingly resistant to online advertising, and rarely read local press. That’s where out of home advertising can really take the edge over other media, as it doesn’t rely on turning on a TV or radio, or reading a newspaper, or viewing an online ad. Banners and posters seamlessly blend into the natural environment and engage with students in the place where they’re most likely to be found - on the move in towns, cities and parks.

Promoting your organisation on the busy streets of your town or city can have a direct impact on increasing footfall, enquiries, applications and local knowledge and awareness.  

Reach Parents Too

Parents are an integral part of the decision process, from selecting their children’s accommodation to the right choice of university or college. Advertising on busy roads and central locations also offers an ideal platform to communicate with them.

Bournemouth University and X1 Lettings in Manchester & Salford are both running campaigns to reach these key audience types with creative and eye-catching banners in their target areas, ensuring that they have the upper hand when it comes to standing out from their competition.

Stay One Step Ahead for Freshers’ Week

It’s also crucial that bars and restaurants do their best to stand out in a saturated market.  Some clever directional advertising and special offer promotions will give them the best chance of drawing those new students looking for inspiration about where to spend their valuable leisure time and money, while also helping to boost social media engagement.   

What to Do Next

If you’d like to include promotional banners as part of your marketing strategy, we have busy central locations across the country from Bournemouth, Brent and Southampton to Huddersfield, Salford and Trafford, and banners are available on a first come first served basis.

For further details, please get in touch with us on 01422 322255, or email info@cpmedia.co.uk

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