Exceed Your Car Sales Targets with Out of Home Advertising

There isn’t another advertising platform that is more relevant for car advertising. Out of home engages with drivers and motorists when they’re in the most appropriate place – on the road.

60% are more likely to have bought a car or signed up to a new service as a direct result of viewing it.

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Choosing the right location, either close to the car showroom or even near to a competitor, is imperative for achieving the greatest success.

The Ideal Marketing Channel for Car Dealerships and Garages

Thanks to its ability to target thousands of potential car buyers directly, outdoor car advertising is a tried and trusted way to promote new car registrations, sales events, finance offers and drive both online activity and showroom footfall.

Statistics further support this theory, as the motoring industry is one of the 10 top spenders in the Out of Home sector, investing around £50m in 2018.  

Jemca Toyota use local roundabout advertising as part of their brand awareness campaign and to increase knowledge in their local area.

“We use this marketing approach to create awareness in key local target areas and recommend this type of advertising as an effective way to do it, we’re currently running an indefinite campaign across Bracknell.”  Market Area General Manager, Paul Meller.

From digital billboards to lamppost banners lining busy thoroughfares, outdoor advertising can take many different guises.  Prominent, traffic-facing sites directly reach the motor trade’s ideal audience, resulting in increased engagement with the brand and driving response rates.

Adaptable to Sales and Marketing Calendars

Roadside advertising campaigns can often be updated and amended as required to allow a brand’s message to remain relevant throughout the year.

This means that the primary objective of the campaign can change with the brand’s calendar. That could be a switch from promoting new or used car offers to directional advertising enticing passers-by straight to the showroom.

Car Advertising Which Achieves A Real ROI

Outdoor media is more effective at achieving return on investment than both local newspapers and local radio stations as it engages with motorists in the right place at the right time.  That includes over 1/3 of the UK population who drive to work daily, and in rural areas that figure rises to three quarters (73.4%) of the population, whether as a driver or passenger.  

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