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Many businesses think outdoor advertising means buying a spot, creating your artwork and then leaving it in position for an extended amount of time. They think outdoor advertising is a brand awareness exercise and, for this reason, many of them state that it is a luxury they can’t afford.

But if you think outdoor advertising is only good for brand awareness and not worth your budget, then you’re looking at it all wrong.

You most definitely should be changing your outdoor advertising when it’s appropriate. Ad fatigue is a real-life condition your potential customers may suffer from if they see the same advert too often for too long. They get bored of seeing the same item and won’t notice it anymore. Refreshing your creative is a great way to reignite interest to your business and services.

Refreshing your creative is ideal to promote any special promotions or to launch a seasonal campaign. Wynyard Hall recently changed their generic advert to one promoting their ice skating event from the 16th November to the 31st December, and Durham Sixth Form College regularly change their outdoor creative to promote their open days.

If you aren’t the kind of business that hosts ice skating or open days, why not change your ad copy to trial a promotional code or announce a new service? You can change your creative as frequently as you like. We’d recommend you trial a variety of formats and see which invokes the best response by utilising different fonts, messages and incentives over a period of a few months each. You have nothing to lose, but you could gain valuable insight into what makes your potential customers tick.

If you alternate your artwork correctly you can most certainly make sure that this type of advertising isn’t only increasing awareness of your brand, but is provoking the best response possible too.

Our experienced staff can help you with any queries you have around the best type of outdoor advertising for you. For more information please call us on 01422 322255.

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