Google Adwords campaigns have become the go-to advertising platform for many small budget businesses, and we can see why. You can accurately track the number of clicks on your ads and keep tight control of your exact spend.


However, more traditional media platforms such as outdoor media are making a comeback, offering a potentially more effective advertising solution, with local audiences of millions each month and a tangible presence which can’t be simply ignored, deleted or removed from sight.

There are pros and cons for each platform, but which really offers the best value? The answer really depends on the size and scope of your business:

Marketing budget

Google Adwords can be a highly effective way to market your business, but with a recommended minimum spend of £50 a day - that’s a minimum of £18,200 a year - business who have a limited budget will struggle to achieve the same results as leading brands with six or seven figure marketing budgets who enjoy great success with this platform.

National outdoor advertising campaigns are used to great effect by many leading UK brands, but the main benefit to local businesses is its ability to target key audiences in key localities. This means businesses reliant on a local customer base can adopt a smaller scale but more targeted outdoor advertising campaign. 


Google Adwords is complicated; setting up and running your own account is possible but not advisable.  People train for years to learn how to use the Adwords tool effectively. It’s not something just anyone can do, which means you’ll need to hire an expert on an ongoing basis.

The major benefit of outdoor advertising is that you don’t need to be an expert but you can still reach your target audience by knowing your local area. Once your campaign is up and running it will continue to promote your business without the need for ongoing optimisation and adjustments by an industry expert.


Adwords are charged on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis, meaning you only ever pay if someone clicks your ad. A recent report by WordStream found businesses in the Recruitment sector ‘converted’ only 0.22% of Ad clicks, with an average costs per click costing £4.20 for recruitment. This would cost £2,100 for a 1.1% conversion. 

Outdoor advertising costs can vary significantly, but prices can range from £10 per day to £100 per day depending on the scale of your campaign, which can be viewed between 8,000 times and 66,000 times each day. CP Media’s own advertising in Durham on a roundabout sponsorship site generated 200 calls in 2 weeks.

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