Despite the increase in digital marketing and advertising techniques, the world’s going mad over roundabouts. They’re the latest and greatest outdoor advertising craze. In major cities and towns around the country there’s roundabout adverts popping up all over the place.


This means two things:

  • They’re working, otherwise there wouldn’t be an abundance of roundabout adverts appearing everywhere. 
  • People look out for them now as they approach roundabouts, eager to see whose advertising now.


There are a number of benefits to advertising on roundabouts, including the following:

  • They’re around for a while (a long while sometimes, depending on the length of your campaign)
  • They offer repeated exposure to residents or commuters in a certain area (research says a person has to see an ad seven times before they respond)
  • If you take over a full roundabout then there is no competition beside your business advert, so you’re getting exclusive exposure. 

So if you have a business that relies heavily on local people (like an estate agent or a garage) or one that relies on commuters working nearby (like a cafe or a sandwich shop), then roundabout advertising is definitely for you.


We have a number of roundabout advertising opportunities at the moment in Brent and Stockton. For more information please contact Lisa Bentley on 07780 009063. 

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