Bridge 1 Moorside Rd in bound6

Statistics reveal that prominent bridge advertisements have over twice the recall rate than the same ads at ground level.


Maybe it’s because potential customers are in an ultra-absorbent state of mind? Or perhaps we’re so accustomed to seeing advertisements all around us that we’re more likely to pay attention when they’re suddenly over our heads. It might be because bridge adverts are often the only stimulus in view for bored commuters on their way to work.

Whatever the reason, we’re 2.5 times more likely to respond to an advert we see suspended off a bridge.

Manchester is a great place for bridge advertising because there are bridges everywhere, and most of them are in busy, prominent areas. With nine prime locations around Salford, there’s opportunity to access 1.5 million slow moving commuters twice a day through rush hour. That means 3 million impacts on your ads. It’s competitively priced, too!

There’s advertising available on Broad Street, the A580 and Irlam O’Heights, with over 1.5 million traffic count for each and every bridge.


These unique and impactful advertising positions are now available for booking. This is Salford’s most significant outdoor advertising campaign. For more information about available dates and formats, please contact Paigon Johnstone and call 07754 534616.

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