As the Recruitment Season approaches now is the time to think about how your Recruitment Agency will effectively win new clients.

Cold Calling will always remain the most important tool in a recruiter’s arsenal as relationships are built from conversations, but as the sales landscape changes recruitment agencies need to understand how to evolve your approach to employers and how to effectively prepare, instead of just phoning up to get the answer ‘no.’


 The key to developing successful new client relationships is to pre-expose employers to your agency months before you make the first call. A growing number of recruitment agencies now implement warm-up campaigns in the lead up to January in order to build awareness of your agency and develop your reputation amongst local employers, so that employers recognise and trust your agency before you call them, so when you do call they know who you are.


Local and targeted outdoor advertising campaigns are one the most effective platforms in growing awareness, trust and reputation on a local level, and for that reason this platform is often the favoured warm-up marketing approach for agencies. 

Here are some of main reasons why outdoor advertising will boost your cold calling success with local employers:

1) Your advertising will be located in prime advertising areas such as major arterial roads, city centre locations and in business districts, meaning your ads will be seen multiple times each day by local business owners and HR professionals responsible for recruitment.

2) Your advertising will be seen by up to 1 million clients and candidates each month, significantly increasing awareness of your agency on a local or regional level.

3) Lamppost banners, roundabouts and welcome sign advertising is owned by local councils. By promoting on a council-owned media you will create a perceived association with them and importantly develop trust with local businesses.

4) Costing from just 50p per hour, outdoor advertising provides arguably the best value platform to engage with local employers.

5) By engaging in targeted local outdoor advertising you will achieve competitive advantage over other local agencies and become the go-to agency for local hiring businesses. 

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