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Here at CP Media, whilst our core staff are continuing to work to assist our valued client councils and advertising customers during this time, we wanted to see what more we could do.

Having refurbished a Grade 2 listed building in the past couple of years to provide a high-quality workspace for our employees, we wondered whether this could be of use to those braving the frontline of this pandemic in the NHS.

So, we have partnered up with our local CCG and linked in with an organisation which provides additional medical cover for the NHS – Pennine GP Alliance. They have been asked to supply additional paramedic support for GP practices but as their staff live in areas around the UK, we offered them the full use of our office space to provide accommodation.

This saves their staff having to travel to and from the frontline each day, and provides high-quality sleeping, resting and recuperation facilities whilst they are between shifts.

We have installed temporary beds, provided bedding and towels that they can use alongside the existing facilities – showers, kitchen and TV room. We have also made available several cars to provide mobility for the paramedics during this time.

Paul Friend, Services Director for Pennine GP Alliance commented:

“We're incredibly grateful for the support and it's making the jobs of those on the frontline a great deal easier. Both practically and knowing that local businesses are willing to offer support, even as they have to navigate very tricky times for themselves.”

Mike Brennan, Chief Executive Officer at CP Media commented:

“My wife is a GP so I am fully aware how busy and stressed the NHS staff are at this time, whilst managing to keep calm and provide excellent quality care to patients. I wanted to do everything I could to help and this seemed the most obvious and practical way. We are also looking at further ways of helping, such as using our Operations departments to provide logistical support.”

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