Are you a small business owner that uses newspaper advertising in Gateshead?


If so, here are three reasons why roundabout advertising may be more beneficial to you:


One year of advertising or one day of advertising

Newspaper adverts have a shelf life of one day. This will limit your ability to reach your target audience. roundabout adverts will be there every day for a whole year. This means roundabout adverts reach a larger audience than newspaper adverts.

No competition or high competition

Newspapers contain lots of competing adverts, creating visual clutter. This means you risk your advert being missed due to competing adverts. However, a sponsored roundabout will only feature your adverts. This means you are not competing for your audience’s attention.

Increasing audience or declining audience


Newspaper readership is declining. A declining audience means your adverts will become less effective. Roundabout advert audiences are increasing due to increasing traffic levels. Increasing audiences will mean an increasing customer base.  

Roundabout advertising can offer your business zero competition, an increasing audience and long-term exposure. This means roundabout advertising will be a more effective way to promote your business than newspaper advertising.

Want to know more about roundabout advertising? 


Read more about how roundabout advertising could benefit your business.

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