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Bringing a sleek and modern office to Halifax, a city known for its rich history and Victorian architecture, may seem like a daunting task. But with the right team and a clear vision, it is possible to transform even a former Victorian dentist's office into a space that looks and feels like it belongs in a major city like New York, Paris, or London.

The brief for this project was simple: make the office look wow, make it as close to carbon neutral as possible, and create a space that the team would enjoy working in. To achieve these goals, the team behind the project worked with a variety of local businesses and tradespeople.

First, they enlisted the help of a structural engineer from Huddersfield to create a plan for turning the small offices into a large, open-plan space. They also worked with a local designer from Halifax, Kelly Jones, to come up with a look and feel that would make the office stand out.

To make the office more energy-efficient and reduce its carbon footprint, the team consulted with Will, a specialist in carbon-neutral buildings, and Tom, a heat pump expert. They also worked with Elliot to design a ventilation system that would keep the air in the office fresh and clean.

To insulate the walls and windows, which are responsible for 80% of heat loss in a building, the team used a company from Brighouse. They also used Halifax Glass to provide crystal glass windows, and Leeds-based flooring experts to install new floors.

In addition to these key players, the team also worked with a variety of local tradespeople, including roofers from Huddersfield, tarmac specialists from Huddersfield, upholsterers from Halifax, electricians, joiners, builders, and decorators. They even used a local office furniture company and a Halifax-based carpet company to furnish the space.

The end result is a sleek and modern office that looks and feels like it belongs in a major city, while still paying homage to Halifax's rich history and heritage. It's a testament to the talent and expertise of the local tradespeople and businesses that were involved in the project, and a great example of how it is possible to bring a touch of the cosmopolitan to even the most unlikely of places.


Photography: Danny Thompson Commercial Photography

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