In this digital age there are plenty of agencies out there trying to pull people away from traditional marketing techniques. But here are a few types of outdoor advertising you definitely shouldn’t be steering clear of, here’s why you should still be reserving some of your 2018 marketing budgets to use them.


  • Roundabout adverts

Roundabout advertising is cost effective and high impact, mainly because these adverts offer repeated exposure to literally tens of thousands of people commuting to and from work every day. You get to show commuters and residents your brand over and over again for longer than any typical digital campaign. Longevity is the key to success with outdoor campaigns, and this is one form of advertising you can afford to keep running for a long while.


  • Lamppost advertising

Everyone loves a lamppost banner. This form of advertising has the benefit of being in direct view whilst also being illuminated by street lighting at night, which means it naturally draws the eye and commands attention. Go for simple but bold designs with a strong call to action. The creative needs some thought, but with lamppost banners commanding the skies, they’re sure to stand out.


  • Bridge advertising

What else are you going to look at when you’re stood still in the daily traffic jams? Bridge advertising is great for anyone looking to target a varied audience of commuters. Key positions give you a recall rate that’s 2.5 times better than ground level ads.


Have you ever bought something because of an outdoor advert you’ve seen? Have you ever been nudged into heading into McDonalds because you saw advertisement on the go, or reminded you need to MOT your car by an advert offering you a deal whilst driving? Because of the subtle but effective nature of outdoor advertising, without ever knowing it, most of us have. If these ads encourage you to buy from other businesses, they’ll most certainly bring you customers too from just a few pounds a day.


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