CP Media, in conjunction with Wakefield Council are delighted to announce the launch of Wakefield’s Roundabout Sponsorship scheme. The launch date of 15th June is timed to provide Wakefield’s business community with a much needed advertising boost as the city’s local community - the lifeblood of the local economy - emerge from lockdown.

The extensive council-owned sponsorship portfolio will include 19 “Welcome to Wakefield” boundary signs and 35 roundabout sponsorship sites, located across the city centre and all major arterial roads across Wakefield. The full sponsorship portfolio will be viewed an impressive 1.75 million times every month (based on official Department for Transport figures), more than any local media platform available in Wakefield.

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The media space will represent the ideal advertising platform through which local businesses can re-engage directly with their local customer base, providing the fast start that so many of Wakefield’s businesses need. Whilst the sponsorship platform can be used to directly promote your business, it can also be used by commercial sponsors for community messagingto demonstrate your business is here to support, or provide reassurance to investors in Wakefield’s community through the sponsorship initiative.

What’s more, with businesses large and small across Wakefield looking at more cost-effective ways to promote their business, outdoor media is proven to deliver a higher return-on-investment than any print, radio or online alternative. 


(Outsmart.org.uk, 2019)


Wakefield Council’s sponsorship scheme is open to all local businesses to allow them to promote their products and services, however, there is the possibility that one sponsor can reserve the entire portfolio if interest is registered at this early stage.

Businesses can reserve one or more sites in their desired location, and are encouraged to express their interest now to ensure that they are one of the first to be part of this exciting new scheme.

Check our locations page https://www.cpmedia.co.uk/locations/yorkshire-and-the-humber/wakefield/ for a map of sites (some of which are subject to planning consent) , or if you’d like further details please get in touch with us on 01422 322255 or email us at info@cpmedia.co.uk 

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