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Driver Focused Advertising

Do you want to exclusively target car drivers with your advertising? Then we’ve got some advice for anybody within the motoring sector, from vehicle dealerships and MOT & service centres to car wash & valeting services.  It’s a media choice which has proven its worth time after time. But what is it?

Targeted & Trusted 

It’s the only legal on road traffic facing advertising available.  And it’s one of the most trusted media types on offer thanks to its affiliation with local authorities.  Roundabout and raised banner advertising is in direct view of millions of drivers every minute of every day, with ongoing research, statistics and facts further increasing its popularity within the automotive sector.

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Why does it work?

The motoring industry accounts for one of the 10 top spenders in the Out of Home sector, investing around £50m in 2018.  Big motor brands use it to drive awareness and deliver brand appeal, thanks to its ability to engage drivers and potential car buyers directly with their brand and message, which often aim to deliver on one or more of the following objectives:

  • Directional advertising
  • Promote finance offers & promotions
  • Promote sales events
  • Drive online activity
  • Increase footfall
  • Promote new registrations
  • Point of Sale
  • Mass awareness

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It can also be a strategic move to remove advertising possibilities from local competition.

Advertise Directly Outside Your Competition

You could be creating a big impact in proximity of your competitor’s branch or dealership, and potentially entice and re-direct their customers to your premises en route to your competition. And with spring and summer now upon us, it presents the opportune time to promote seasonal offers and services to this valuable and captive car driver audience.

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Brand Awareness

Did you know that outdoor advertising is proven to be the most relevant media type for automotive brands? 60% are more likely to have bought a car or signed up to a new service as a direct result of seeing it.   You can also change the messages you want to feature as frequently as required to fit in with the calendar and ensure that your message is always relevant.  Have a look at one of our current automotive advertisers here: https://bit.ly/2WBcHmG 

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Incomparable Reach

Traffic-facing outdoor advertising reaches more car drivers than both local newspapers and local radio stations, and is considerably more effective at achieving return on investment.  You could be engaging with thousands of motorists at the right time, and in the right place.  That includes over a third of the UK population who drive to work daily, and in rural areas that figure rises to three quarters (73.4%) of the population, whether as a driver or passenger.

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