If you’re a business owner and you’re based in Portsmouth then you’re extremely lucky! Nestled on the south coast, the city is a naval base and home to a historic dockyard. It’s an area highly saturated with residents and, because of it’s rich history and beauty, it’s an area many people travel to as tourists.

Due to its high volume of residents and increasing crowds of tourists visiting for long weekends or mini-breaks, Portsmouth is the perfect place to promote your business through outdoor advertising. We have amazing opportunities to advertise on the signs that welcome people to the area, as well as across roundabouts in the city. These adverts are the perfect way to target those who live, commute or visit Portsmouth.

Here are some of the reasons why outdoor advertising is a great way to promote your Portsmouth based business.

  • Portsmouth is the most densely populated area of the UK (after central London)


Portsmouth is home to 209,000 residents and they all live in a relatively small area. This is perfect if you’re looking to reach them, because you don’t have to pay to advertise across a large area. You can have a massive impact by advertising across a smaller area and save yourself some money. Roundabout advertising can give you access to people travelling to, from and through Portsmouth and, because the area is comparatively smaller than other cities, it will cost you less to make a bigger impact.


  • It’s home to some of the UK’s best attractions, so there are lots of visitors to entice


Wymering Manor is said to be one of the most haunted homes in the UK, plus there’s the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the HMS Victory and Southsea Castle. Portsmouth is a town visited by many tourists. If you’re a business that relies on footfall, such as a restaurant, cafe or shop, then outdoor advertising will give you the opportunity to alert thousands of tourists to your existence when they visit.

  • Portsmouth is a wealthy place


Portsmouth is the 8th most affluent city in the country in terms of monthly income and outgoing costs. This means that there are people close by who have money to spend. They may as well spend it with you! It’s vital that you let the people of Portsmouth know that you’re around. Outdoor advertising is the perfect way to put your brand in front of almost everyone.


You can advertise your business on welcome signs and roundabouts in Portsmouth from as little as 50p per hour. If you’re looking to generate business from people in Portsmouth please contact LisaWilliams@communitypartners.co.uk.

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