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Outdoor advertising at Christmas

If you want to boost sales in the run up to Christmas, now is the time to start your outdoor advertising campaign. The buying process for many begins much earlier than when the purchase is made, so beginning your Christmas advertising 2-3 months in advance is ideal.

With competition stronger than at any other time of the year, it pays to make sure that you stand out and let customers know why they should come to you, well before they are ready to spend.

Select the ideal location and platform for your Christmas campaign

An outdoor Christmas ad in the right location provides a powerful chance to be seen, offering smaller businesses the same opportunity as big brands to reach existing and new audiences.

We can help you find the platform that will be most suited to your needs, which could be roundabout advertising, promotional lamppost banners, digital screens or a combination of these.

Pent-up consumer demand

The pandemic has created a great deal of pent-up consumer demand, and as we edge towards some sense of normalcy, people are resuming their usual pre-pandemic activities. Many people are eager to spend their money and embrace every new experience, fuelled by endless lockdowns, consumer savings and optimism that life will soon be back to normal.

After the uncertainty of Christmas 2020, people are generally feeling more positive and excited this year and are already making plans and preparing for the festive season.

Out of Home advertising connects effectively with consumers

All sizes and types of business can use out out-of-home advertising to engage with mass audiences, extend their reach and boost their local profile in the run up to Christmas.

With 83% of people recalling seeing an outdoor advert within the last 30 minutes before shopping (Outsmart), retail is one of the more obvious sectors that would benefit from more exposure. But anybody connected with the hospitality industry should also make sure they get a head start with their Christmas marketing campaigns, as people are actively looking for potential venues for Christmas office parties, Christmas meals and many other festive events.

Ensuring a well-designed marketing strategy is in place will give the best chance of significantly boosting enquiries, sales and bookings this year.  

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your Christmas advertising campaign. 

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