What else do we do other than generate and maximise revenue for our partner organisations? We work in different ways to make sure we take our responsibilities seriously and pro-actively try and lead the way in our industry.


We have used an award-winning external consultant to conduct an audit on our business and we are taking forward their recommendations, from reducing electricity consumption to recycling posts and plates used for our advertising sites. We are committed to ensuring that this is an area where we continue to improve and adapt our practices, minimising any disruption to the environment and our community.


We have reduced the need for travel and are working towards being a ‘gold standard’ business with our local authority in respect of encouraging and promoting cycling within our organisation. This covers everything from providing showers, washing machines and bikes to staff so that they can use them to keep fit and cycle to and from work, with added incentives for those that do.


We promote flexible working and this has provided opportunities for a more diverse workforce.


We have four major team meetings a year, and we use them to give back to local communities. Instead of sitting round a table we give up our time to help local charities by donating ourselves as physical labour. For example, we spent a day litter-picking in a nearby community and this also provided a good opportunity for a team-building day at the same time.


We have set up a not-for-profit organisation – CP Active that works with employers and local authorities to evaluate levels of inactivity and to provide practical interventions to reduce sedentary behaviour and increase activity. Some of the profits we make in CP Media are used to fund this organisation, and CP Active delivers its services to communities across the UK.

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